Welcome to the continent of Teraveil.

Just south of the mysterious mists of the Elven sanctuary and north of the desert lands. on the oceans of the western boarder has a port for the mighty empire of Airalon. To the North the Elven Forests where the Great Tree of Morfos lay. The Great Towers of Magical Schooling, Maringdon lay between the mystic pool of the forgotten. The Hills of Dieknot where the mountain monks and the half-orc tribe lives and houses the secret passage to the Dwarven Caves of Nanton. In the center the City of Dimfall neutral to all but a great source of information of anything worth knowing. To the east The Evil Marsh, Thunderame that houses horrible creatures surrounded by dark storm clouds. to the south Moranger, the Volcano Fortress separated by a river of lava. Past the lava lake is the hidden entrance to the Undercity Menzoberranzan. Finally all the way to the south east the Frost Mountains of Kiburn Tor where a hidden castle lies. Separating these places is the Skullslup Lake where it runs along a Cavern.

In this world where peace once reigned Three (3) evils have surfaced. A powerful Dark Wizard that now lives in Moranger, a Dark Elf that lives in the Undercity of Menzoberranzan wanting to destroy all that stands in his way, and a Tyrant that houses the hidden castle of Kiburn Tor who wants to conquer all. Even though these three (3) war amongst each other the inevitable war will happen in Teraveil if new heroes do not take a stand. With the whole continent at stake it is time to leave your mark in history. Raise and army, unite the lands or brave these evils by yourself. All that is certain is that a great war will happen and only you will be the ones apart of it.

Masters of War

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