Masters of War

Magic and Mysteries

Facing each ones inner demons.

Upon leaving the ruins they met up with James Falcon who was happy to see them all alive and well. Hearing what the heroes told him about the ruins he too was perplexed by it and didn’t know what to tell them. But he was able to tell them of what was going on the surrounding areas. Upon hearing his words the group held a council at a tavern and discussed what to do. It was then reached that they would go to the Magic Tower of Marringdon. Hopeful they could unlock to 2 items they had and also gain the support of the Magic Wielders of Marrringdon.

When they arrived they saw 2 black cloaked individuals guarding the gates and stopped ours heroes from passing as they asekd what they were here for. The heroes explained they were allies of the empire Airalon and came seeking aid and possibly unlock certain items that they had in their possession. When they saw the items they gasped as they then turned their backs and whispered to one another.

The heroes tried to listen but Duvaimes Rochben was only able to make out a few words as she told the others that it seemed that the items they held were very valuable. They then told the heroes to wait as the left to fetch one of the grandmasters of magic.

As they waited they wondered what was going on until finally the grandmaster came out. An old man who now was blind but his other senses were heightened. He welcomed then and allowed them to come in. Once inside our heroes saw the splenders of magical items and equipments as they were lead inside. “Please brows around if you wish but I ask you give me the items and I promise you, I will return them to you once I have studied them.” he said. Some were reluctant to do so but they handed them over. “If you want you can take our trials while I examine these items. My apprentice will help you to them.” he said as he stepped on a pedastal and floated away to his room.

The apprentice came up and showed them to a secret room where they stood and would face a challenge in the dream realm. One that they must win in order to pass. They all accepted and passed each one but Ahimnotep although he passed his mind was fragmented a bit almost as if he was now suffering inner turmoil.

With each one passed they went to see the Grandmaster once more and he explained about the 2 times. They were lost relics and would take some time for him to unlock its magics but would give them to him once he had fully unlocked them. Ahimnotep said a comment to the Grandmaster and was trying to lie to him but the Grandmaster found him out and sent him flying back into a wall. “Don’t you dare lie to me, young one. You have a lot to learn.” he warned as Ahimnotep growled under his breath.

Once done they went to find more equipment and items with their new discount for passing their frist magical trial. With that done they decided to leave and come back again.



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