Masters of War

Morfos in Peril
Some Secrets Unbound
Magic and Mysteries
Facing each ones inner demons.

Upon leaving the ruins they met up with James Falcon who was happy to see them all alive and well. Hearing what the heroes told him about the ruins he too was perplexed by it and didn’t know what to tell them. But he was able to tell them of what was going on the surrounding areas. Upon hearing his words the group held a council at a tavern and discussed what to do. It was then reached that they would go to the Magic Tower of Marringdon. Hopeful they could unlock to 2 items they had and also gain the support of the Magic Wielders of Marrringdon.

When they arrived they saw 2 black cloaked individuals guarding the gates and stopped ours heroes from passing as they asekd what they were here for. The heroes explained they were allies of the empire Airalon and came seeking aid and possibly unlock certain items that they had in their possession. When they saw the items they gasped as they then turned their backs and whispered to one another.

The heroes tried to listen but Duvaimes Rochben was only able to make out a few words as she told the others that it seemed that the items they held were very valuable. They then told the heroes to wait as the left to fetch one of the grandmasters of magic.

As they waited they wondered what was going on until finally the grandmaster came out. An old man who now was blind but his other senses were heightened. He welcomed then and allowed them to come in. Once inside our heroes saw the splenders of magical items and equipments as they were lead inside. “Please brows around if you wish but I ask you give me the items and I promise you, I will return them to you once I have studied them.” he said. Some were reluctant to do so but they handed them over. “If you want you can take our trials while I examine these items. My apprentice will help you to them.” he said as he stepped on a pedastal and floated away to his room.

The apprentice came up and showed them to a secret room where they stood and would face a challenge in the dream realm. One that they must win in order to pass. They all accepted and passed each one but Ahimnotep although he passed his mind was fragmented a bit almost as if he was now suffering inner turmoil.

With each one passed they went to see the Grandmaster once more and he explained about the 2 times. They were lost relics and would take some time for him to unlock its magics but would give them to him once he had fully unlocked them. Ahimnotep said a comment to the Grandmaster and was trying to lie to him but the Grandmaster found him out and sent him flying back into a wall. “Don’t you dare lie to me, young one. You have a lot to learn.” he warned as Ahimnotep growled under his breath.

Once done they went to find more equipment and items with their new discount for passing their frist magical trial. With that done they decided to leave and come back again.

The City of Secrets
Ruins of the Forgotten

With our heroes finishing the test for the Empire to prove their worth. Tahir, Tahad’s borther said that he would be with the empire and also try to find more of their people that fled Castamere to Airalon.

With Tahir gone the Paladins offered the assistance of Ghazkull, the Half Orc Cleric that was freed from slavery. Thanks to the empire he had won his freedom and upon hearing the turmoil of Airalon and the other areas would be in danger of the three (3) warlords. So he agreed to help and possiblly free anyone or anything upon this quest.

The three (3) paladins sent them off and asked that they head to the city of Dimfall. It was a trading location with Airalon and the other locations and held many items and information of the surrounding locations. They agreed and headed to Dimfall where they saw the city had many houses and buildings.

They decided to split up to get some information different methods. Tahad decided to go to the Brothal learning that they share a lot of info bcause a talkative drunk and many pretty women loosens a lot of lips more ones then one. Ghazkull went to the slums to see if he could get info or to try to join their ranks with an army. The others went to the library to learn more about the warlords and the locations they live in.

They all learned a great deal but Ghazkull was the most fortunate. He found a man name James Falcon who was a veteran of Airalon but came to Dimfall to establish a trade and also try to raise a malitia. As they talked Ghazkull learned of ruins below Dimfall saying that a shadowly figure visited the ruins often to learn what secrets was there. As for the purpose he did not know but now the ruins was considered off limits because all that ventured in did not come out ever again.

Ghazkull said he would investigate it with his company and James Falcon said he would be at the enteranceway to the Ruins waiting for him. After the group met up they exchanged information and upon hearing of the ruins they decided to investigate. Heading to the ruins James Falcon was there and showed them the enteranceway as he told them to be careful.

They entered seeing many cobwebs and very faint foot steps that have been there for months. As they walked they came to a room seeing the webs were everywhere. But the burned them away as they came to the room but Ghazkull was hearing a whisper calling to him, asking for help.

He walked to the door and continued to listen as the others were afraid of a trap being triggered. He finally opened the door as a huge rush of mist came in blowing them all but nothing happend as they came to a room with ruins on the walls and the voice calling to him was in a chest. Upon investigation the chest was sealed with magic as if trying to keep it locked away. Also another chest was found with just a robe within.

For the moment they read the walls and continued onward. Clearing the area and also seeing bones of former adventurers that braved this place only to be killed and fed upon by spiders.

They continued on and fought against Giant Spiders and their leader, a Giant Black Widow Spider. Killing the beasts and recovering before they continued on. Once they continued the webs seemed to stop and only rubble remained. Seeing a room of Gargoyle Statues they were concerned. Tahad thinking this was going to be a trap runs in screaming at the top of his lungs and nothing happened. Once again he was fool…

They continued to see the ruins on the walls and saw more writing. They got closer and one of the Gargoyles moves seeming to wake up as he looked at them all. Upon conversations they read the walls learning more about the past of the warlords and also knowing of something that happened in the past. Mostly all that was referred was “she” and “keys”.

They kept talking to the Gargoyle and got very little out of him but soon Ghazkull was fed up and asked what they were keeping trapped in a chest. The Gargoyle was enraged and yelled that it was what defeated his mistress. Soon a battle ensued and the heroes were triumphet. Khamisi the Wise was the most effective as he went full out against one Gargoyle breaking him into thousands of pieces after he did a powerful flury of blows.

Once the Gargoyles were defeated then saw a staircase heading down where a huge stone slab and 4 openings upon the ground was placed. The Heroes were still puzzled as to what the Ruins represented but something more sinister was afoot. Ghazkull however tracked back and saw the chest and opened it seeing an amulet. As he held it he had a vision but the images were very quick but he saw 4 swords and the last image was a man clocked in black looked at him with his glowing red eyes and his face was just nothing but a White Skull.

Path of Fate
The Gathering of Heroes

On the continent of Terraveil words of the three (3) warlords spread about their intended target. The empire of Airalon realized that this threat could not go ignored but with raising an army growing slowly with political problems within the empire they turned to the renowed heroes that made a name for themselves. The Dragon Prince of Castemere, Tahad —Stormborne accompanied with his dragon, Zora Skyborn. The wize and powerful psyonist Fentrith. The great monk of the jungles, Khamisi the Wise. The Powerful Summoner of Morfos, Taure Rochben accompanied with his wife, the great and noble Cavalier, Duvaimes Rochben. And the Clever and Mysterious Wizard, Ahimnotep, were called upon.

Once there they were greeted by the three (3) Paladin Gnerals. Aranel Elanessë; the Elf Paladin, Falias Durlyr; the Dwarf Paladin and Beldar Irnlor; the Human Paladin as well as Leader of the Royal Armies. Telling the heroes of their plight upon the land they said if they would help them they would be able to give their support in this time of need. Tahad Stormborne requested aid to reclaim his kingdom in his time of need for assiting them. Fentrith giving an errgant letter to them stating to the king that he had been infultrated by other psyonists and were planning to destroy Arialon from within. Duvimes and Taure decided to listen to maintain peace between their nation and Airalon while the others had their own goals in mind.

They all agreed to take a test and would be rewarded if they passed the test since they needed to undego dangers that may lie ahead. They entered wholeheartedly and ventured forth down the hall until finally they came to a room with statues. Looking around they found nothing out of the ordinary and tried to see if there was a trap anywhere around. Finding nothing they continued on to see the statues more thoroughly. However Tahad grew impatient and grabbed the stone door and opened it as the door slamed shut sealed by magic and the statues came to life.

They all were able to defeat these statues that were actually Wax Golems and soon the door unlocked with their defeat but also a few glares at Tahad for being so careless and setting off a magical trap.

They continued to a floating cube where their next challenge was to solve a puzzle. They all took a side and started to work on it until finally they finished granting them items for their battles to come.

Once finished they were lead out and welcomed by the Three Paladins and had their thanks. Now they had the support of Airalon for the war to come. All that awaited them now was the dangers beyond.


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